Emory’s Custom Bowls 2

Emory became fascinated with the wood lathe in high school, making tables and lamps, but never any bowls. It wasn’t until years later while he was watching a cooking show that the host was mixing a salad in a beautiful wood bowl. At that moment he jumped off the couch and dusted off the old powermatic model 90.

Although he strives to make all of his products completely unique, you may find something in the Gallery that you like. Please contact Emory and he will do his best to re-create a previous work.

Emory will be selling his custom bowls throughout the 2012 Everett Farmers Market 2012 Season.  click here to view his website.

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2 thoughts on “Emory’s Custom Bowls

  • Stacey Mayer

    Good Morning!

    I’m always watching for new articles and features about our lively Everett Market, but rarely see any. Listen; I really want to hear about you! I am so proud of our Market, and would like entire county to feel drawn to our Market, to support the producers, small businesses, and creativity of our wonderful group.

    I’m hoping you will post many more blogs in the future, so I can get to know more about the individuals participating in the Everett Farmer’s Market.

    I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • efarmmkt Post author

      Thank you Stacey. We are getting ready for the Market, so yes sould be posting more. What do you want to see?