Defunct Decoup

Defunct Decoup

In 2014, Defunct Decoup began on my kitchen counter. Inspired by a trip to a local flea market co-op in Anchorage, Alaska, I decided to try my hand at decoupage. In particular, I had picked up an old table or two that was going to need a little decorating. In the flea market, some homemade decor art had caught my eye and inspired me to learn more about the technique of decorating with paper.

Very quickly, I found myself wanting to move on to using decoupage in jewelry and smaller art pieces. So much of decoupage seemed accessible to someone, like myself, who had not yet been designing and making much in the way of craft works. If things looked a little rough around the edges, it ended up actually being part of the shabby chic aesthetic appeal… at least, that’s what I told myself (haha).

It has been over six years since my first art show and after many, many other shows and markets and fairs, and after selling through eBay and Etsy and Square, Defunct Decoup is now settling into selling via Shopify, from home in Everett, Washington. Having just returned to crafting and selling jewelry after taking a break for a couple of years to get married and settle in Washington, I am excited to be selling online and to participate in the vendor community with Everett Farmers Market……… Jenna Harris / Defunct Decoup

Everett Farmers Market customers can use coupon code “EFM10” in my check out to receive 10% off their order total, now through Oct 5th.

Visit my website, follow me at and my YouTube Channel All orders will be processed through my Shopify store and mailed via USP. Feel free to ask question at