Spirited Ambiance Soy Candles

Spirited Ambiance Soy Candles

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for over half of my life and I consider the Pacific Northwest home.  I started Spirited Ambiance in 2015; I was tired of empty wine and beer bottles from local tasting rooms ending up in the recycle or dumpster and I’ve always loved candles. It was a natural fit to create soy wax candles from upcycled bottles. 

I love being a part of this vibrant community: participating in local farmers markets and artisan fairs, visiting and celebrating local craft beverage companies, and doing my part to protect and promote the beauty and sustainability of our region.

Hand-poured soy wax candles in upcycled wine, beer, cider, liquor, soda and juice bottles. Over 150 fragrances available. Custom orders taken.

The Make Sale today in Monroe 10-4. See something that interests you? Come by and pick up new candles for Spring!

Posted by Spirited Ambiance on Saturday, April 6, 2019

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