Music at the Market June 10th – Wayne Lovegrove and Drew Ferraro

This Sunday June 10th from Noon to 3pm,  we have two fantastic performers who have performed at the Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish at open mic on Friday nights.

Wayne Lovegrove

Wayne Lovegrove writes and plays his own “contemporary finger-style” 6-string acoustic guitar instrumental compositions. He plays in a variety of alternate tunings and employ many “advanced” or alternative techniques (such as percussion on the guitar body and two handed fretboard work), as well as more traditional finger picking, to maximize the resonant qualities of the instrument to obtain a rich, sonorous sound with multiple voicing and textures. His compositional style is very open but cohesive, and tends towards multiple related themes and development in one piece, often providing a sense of a journey of some kind, and often evoking strong imagery in listeners  click here to listen.

Drew Ferraro

Drew Ferraro

Drew Ferraro has shared his talents for intense performances for nearly 35 years on all types of stage and venues across the country, including Equity theater and an acoustic set at a Woodstock Reunion on the original site. Proud to side-step the pigeon-hole of folk, country, rock or blues, DREW deftly pulls from all genres, in originals & covers songs, and makes it truly his own seamless, unique and enduring blend and flavor.  His intense delivery has been praised by many; and his clear, concise, and warm vocal qualities have been declared to “pull on every heart string there is”  click here to listen.