Everett Farmers Market Celebrates National Farmers Market Week August 5-11

Photo by Gary Purves

August 5-11, 2012 is National Farmers Market Week and Markets around the country have geared up to celebrate, scheduling classes and demonstrations on gardening, cooking, and a variety of other topics designed to teach skills and increase awareness of sustainable living.

Farmers markets are a critical hub of any local food system, bolstering regional economies, increasing access to nutritious foods, and bringing communities together through a shared public space. In 2011, farmers markets redeemed more than $11.7 million in SNAP benefits, a 52% increase in one year.

We at the Everett Farmers Market will be having a Scavenger Hunt offering our customers the opportunity to learn more about the Everett Farmers Market Vendors. Stop by the red canopy (Market Mangers stall) between the hours of Noon to 3pm to get started.

If you haven’t visited one of the nation’s more than 7,500 farmers markets this season, National Farmers Market Week is a great time to start!