Tonnemaker Family Orchard at the Everett Farmers Market

Tonnemaker Family Orchard is the direct-sale arm of Tonnemaker Hill Farm. The Tonnemaker brothers, Kole and Kurt, currently farm 126 acres on the north slope of the Frenchman Hills in Royal City, WA, and grow over 400 cultivars of organic fruits and vegetables.

Their mission is to provide fresh, great tasting fruit and produce in a sustainable way at affordable prices. “We want to develop a direct relationship with those who eat our food. Customers have the opportunity to know the farm and the farmer”.

They feel the responsibility to use the resources they have in such a way that the land can continue to produce healthy food for generations to come. In a sense they do not own the land but instead have borrowed it from their grandchildren. click here to find out more.

Plan to visit them every Sunday at the Everett Farmers Market to see what is fresh from the farm.