Snohomish Soap Company

Cindy Todd

Cindy Todd, Snohomish Soap Company owner wants to expand her business. Recently when she was interviewed by Alejandro Dominguez of the Herald, Cindy told her story about how she and her husband lost their jobs in 2009, and that’s when family of six decided to leave Florida and seek better opportunities.

They ended up in Snohomish County after Todd, who has a masters degree in economics, figured it matched criteria she thought were needed to start a small business. She decided the business needed to be based out of her home so she could take care of her family.  Click here to read the full story from the Herald.

Cindy currently is trying to raise funds for a Soap Mobile. “Taking Snohomish Soap on the road to build a national network of “authentically local” soap manufacturing sites one stay-at-home mom at a time”.  click here to read more or to contribute.