Wearable Textile Artists at the Everett Farmers Market

Designs by Kaaren Lee

Whether you want clothing that will be a base for building your wardrobe, or to be fun and easy to wear, a variety of artist at the market allows you to pick items to meet your needs and blend with garments already in your closet.

Here is who you will find currently at the Everett Farmers Market:

Designs by Kaaren Lee featuring chenille jackets, dresses and hats. Can be reached at kwixdd@gmail.com.

Engayla's Designs


Engayla’s Designs features wearable clothing, leather purses, handbags and reversible belts. Visit her website at www.engaylasdesigns.com.

Watch the YouTube video click here

Lorena's Art


Lorena’s Art featuring hand painted women’s clothing available at private showing or at the Everett Farmers Market.


Bag made by MM Fowler



MM Fun Purse Designs featuring purses, scarves and hats take a peek at this article about her or write her at Retiredfowlers@aol.com.