Clover the Balloon Fairy – Visits on Oct 7th

Clover the Balloon Fairy

Clover Rowanwood Willowtree was born on an island concealed by fog off the coast of Washington State known to some humans as Orcas Island.

There Clover would spend her days day dreaming of a life away from her fairy-hood home. Then, one day while napping on a sparrows back. Much to her surprise she awoke in the unfamiliar forests of Bellingham. After observing the humans of this new land and their warm welcoming town Clover decided to stay.

Clover now flutters around many Festivals, Celebrations and Farmers Markets in Washington State. She can often be seen making spontaneous balloon creations or giving a fairy gift to a new friend. Her fanciful charm is not conveyed through conventional conversation. Though she is not deaf (fairies cannot speak with words) she will communicate with friends through her thoughtful interactions and shy yet gregarious attitude.