Continued Seafood Delights at the Everett Farmers Market

* Samish Island Meats & Seafoods fishes in PADILLA BAY and SAMISH BAY we want all to know they have planned to  join us at the Everett Farmers Market this Sunday July the 14th and have been posted on the Vendor map.

“Note all depends on the health of our waters as to what they will bring to the market.”

“Warm temperatures are ideal for the natural bacteria known as Vibrio parahaemolyticus to multiply. Eating raw or undercooked shellfish – especially oysters containing vibrio bacteria – can make people sick.”

* Olympic Seafoods offers  “taste of the pacific” fresh fish packaged in small portions to take home, or you can also purchase a whole fish. They have been at the Everett Farmers Market for the past 4 weeks.

* Happy Fish offers fresh Dungeness crab and bay shrimp cocktails at the market from Westport, Wa. They rotate into the Vendor schedule when space is available at the Market.

Please do check the Vendor Map weekly updated on Saturday before coming to the Market.  This should aid in planning your shopping list from our Washington Farmers Market Vendors.