Don’t Miss Out on the Princess Di Peach

Your fingers just itch to reach out and grab another sample on the plate or to bite into a whole fruit and let the juice run down your hand.

peachessmOh my, P – E – A – C – H – E – S!

The fresh peach flavor just melts on your tongue as you bite into one of Bill Davidson’s peaches. Bill has been farming their orchard in Wapato for several generations. One of their favorite peaches is the Princess Di. She is the most elegant and visually stunning of all his peaches.

Kathy Abbot has been working Bill’s stands for the past 12-13 years and recommends not to miss this stunningly, delicious peach. Princess Di will be making her debut this Friday, August 16th at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall and is already being sold at the Sunday Everett Farmers Market on the waterfront.

Best ways to enjoy peach season: freshly sliced on top of crisp waffles, a cobbler or grilled then topped with ricotta and honey (this caramelizes its sugar and is impossible not to finish). Squishy peaches? Place them in a food processor and use in a smoothie or freeze for a sorbet.

Want to enjoy a little bit of summer during the cold winter months? Slice up peaches, flash freeze (slice and lay flat for about 30 minutes on a cookie sheet), then toss in a freezer bag.