Gotherberg Farms – Best Goat Cheese Ever


The goat dream is Rhonda’s. She got her first goats in April of 2002, a mother and doe kid pair. This was supposed to just be the family milk. But this was infectious. The following September, Rhonda added two more bred does … As of February 2009, there are currently 22 bred does awaiting milk production for Spring. click to read more

If you read about the herd, you could quickly surmise there was more milk than any family of three could drink.

Ah ha! The birth of cheese-making. There were three milking seasons (approximately 25 months in total) of home kitchen cheese creations. Rhonda, the eternal student, quickly discovered and signed up for the Cheesemakers Short Course at Washington State University in Pullman. This kicked off the professional drive of “I can do this!!!” click to read more

Visit them on Sundays at the Everett Farmers Market, or at their website and LIKE them on their FACEBOOK page click here.