Bellingham Pasta Company on Sundays at the Everett Farmers Market

The Table BellinghamBellingham Pasta Co. goal is to provide a quality product sourced locally to our fellow Cascadian’s. With that commitment we offer a verity of FRESH pasta cuts and flavors. Starting small back in 2007 for Whatcom County market and have grown every year since. As each year passes we expand into new communities so everyone in the region can exspericance quality artisan fresh pasta.

Fresh pasta 01You can find us this summer at Bellingham, Anacortes, Everett and Port Susan Farmers Markets as well as Growing Washington CSA and Acme Farmers and Kitchen. We make our pasta in the kitchen of our restaurant The Table located in down town Bellingham next to the historical Mt Baker Theater where we also have a retail case stocked with most all of our pastas.

Here are some fun facts;

Pasta cuts;
• We have 15+ different cuts and make an average of 900 pounds a week.

• We use 14+ tons of flour a year
• Shepherd’s Grains-
• Fairhaven Mill-

• We hand crack 31,000 eggs a year
• Wilcox cage free eggs-

• We use 100% compostable PLA deli containers.

Now for the fun part. …Our tips to help you make the best pasta ever

Start with a large pot of salty (“as salty as the Mediteranim) and bring it to a rapid boil. Add pasta and start the timer for 3mins… once the water comes back to a boil is about 3mins. Don’t drain the pasta…instead tong it into your saucepan that has your wonderful sauce waiting. That way you are bring some of that great starchy salty water with your pasta. Tosh your pasta and sauce a few times and either plate it or put it in a platter for family style (hint- warm the platter by using the pasta water before putting the pasta in it).