HurriKayn Natural Soap

vincent-hk-natural-Vincent Keele is the soap artisan, designer and formulator for all of HurriKayn’s products. HurriKayn started in 2007 and was inspired by the strength of his sister, who had cancer. He saw the hardships of chemotherapy and the lack of good skin care products available to her. “No one should have to deal with toxic based products while you are fighting for your life or just wanting to look and smell good” says Vincent.  With some formal training from skin care organizations other skin care artisans, doctors, naturopaths, herbalist and a few chemists, HurriKayn Natural Soap was born.

talk show with hk and dena marieVincent is an artist, who finds inspiration and motivation everywhere. “I truly enjoy learning what other people are making, teaching or designing” he says. One of his first products was “Wild Lime Verbena”, created especially for my wife Michele. “It’s a very clean and refreshing smell that caters to sensitive skin in the most moisturizing and luxurious way” says Vincent.

HurriKayn Natural Soap is formulated very differently than other brands due to the lack of chemicals, toxins and synthetics. Their products are all natural vegetarian and gluten free. A lot of time and care goes into each product to make sure it’s the most luxurious, moisturizing and nourishing product you can get.

HurriKayn has had great public response and are very happy to introduce one of their newest products “Pain B Gone”. It is an all-natural joint and muscle pain reliever. It’s easy to use and comes in a roller application and when combined with a small massage, the “Pain B Gone” will do the rest. Catch Vincent and his amazing products at the Everett Farmer’s Market on Sundays and at the Snohomish Farmers Market on Thursdays.