Magana Farms

Tovias and his family, five daughters and three sons, have all helped or will help on the 27-acre farm in Sunnyside, WA. There, the hot sun grows a variety of vegetables like asparagus, corn, onions and tomatoes. Tovias also grows many different tree fruit on his farm: cherries, peaches, nectarines and apples.

His family farmed for many years in Mexico growing corn, beans, vegetables and raising cows and goats. Tovias always loved living in the country and growing vegetables, so he bought his first 14-acre farm 15 years ago. These days he is busy feeding and bringing joy into the lives of many others.

“Every where I go, everybody is so happy”. There is nothing like the taste and aroma of fresh picked peaches, cherries, tomatoes and onions.

One of his specialties is the Candy sweet onion. His customers always say how sweet the onions are even better than Walla Walla’s.

You will find Magana Farms at the Ballard Farmer’s Market and Everett Farmers Market on Sundays, Issaquah on Saturdays, Renton on Tuesdays, and Kirkland on Wednesdays. Look for the Magana’s Farm sign and tell him how much you enjoyed what they grow and for bringing it to your Farmers Market.