Big Saw Productions – Meet Jason Mitchell

big sawJason Mitchell has turned his passion for woodworking into a business and started crafting outdoor furniture from western red cedar.  Because he makes his own deliveries, Jason says he generally sticks to farmers markets and festivals around Seattle with Mount Vernon being the furthest north he will travel.

“Since moving to the Northwest, almost 23 years ago, I’ve progressed to building and repairing boats. I’ve built strip planked cedar dinghies and a handful of wood kayaks and I’ve restored a 1969 20’ wood runabout. I’ve learned steam bending and much about marine construction/repair, fiber glassing and epoxy. All of these projects have been hobbies.”

Jason has been working with wood for almost 45 years, starting with tree houses and beach-log rafts in my youth, progressing to pinewood derby cars, catapults, speaker cabinets, guitars and band equipment. He has always been the “go to” person repairing household items, fixing plumbing, restoring antiques, remodeling, painting and general home maintenance. His main goal is to concentrate on building furniture which he is proud to sell and produce, hence Big Saw Productions.

You can find Jason and his furniture at the South end of the Everett Farmers Market on Sundays, click here to visit his website,  Like his Facebook page, or give him a call at 206-769-4347.

Photo of Jason and his furniture appeared in the Skagit Valley Herald