Brittle Barn Farm is New at the Everett Farmers Market

zach Brittle Barn FarmsOne of the most exciting new vendors at this year’s Everett Farmer’s Market is Brittle Barn Farms, a poultry farm that’s 3 years old and based out of Ferndale WA. click here to visit their website.

Brittle Barn Farms is farmer Zackary Tyler’s baby. His presence as a vendor brings us another step closer to having all our nutritional needs catered to in a responsible way right at our local farmer’s market here in Everett. Along with a wealth of poultry knowledge, Zackary brings along White Cornish cross and Red Ranger chickens that are destined to make for some memorable meals. Both have their own unique flavor and texture, as he explains: “The Cornish Cross is similar to what you would see in stores (more tender, white meat). The Red Ranger has more of a “chicken-y” flavour and has a good balance of white and dark meat.” Both breeds are available for sale at Brittle Barn Farms tent at the Everett Farmer’s Market, along with soup packs that would make an enviably rich chicken broth, if soup/risotto/delicious meals are your style.

Brittle Barn Farms ice chestAll the poultry produced by Brittle Barn Farms are as local as it gets – the birds are all fed a diet of locally mixed organic feed, greens, fruit, vegetables and grub. They also get to roam free on pasture and are hand-raised. They are happy birds and happy chickens equal happy meat! If it’s your first time buying and cooking local poultry, Zackary has the best recipe which is no recipe. “I would recommend you cook your first one (whole chicken) by roasting it. It’s very easy…just salt, pepper, put it in the oven, don’t touch it, then take it back out  and put some herbs on it and you’re good!” he says. Zackary adds that you can get more than one meal out of a whole chicken. “I let people know that they can make chicken stock out of the carcass. That way you can get multiple meals out of one whole bird. People are like ‘Oh man! I got this bird. I don’t know what to do’. But you can really eat from it all week”

Brittle Barn Farms hopes to bring eggs to the market in about 8 weeks, once the layers are ready. As the season goes along, they hope to have pork and lamb. Come November, there will turkey too. If you have special orders, let Zackary know when you head to the Everett Farmer’s Market on Sunday and he can help you out in the way he knows best. Welcome to Everett, Brittle Barn Farms!

(For time-tested recipe for roast chicken, Ina Garten has you covered. Here’s her recipe for the Perfect Roast Chicken from Barefoot Contessa.)

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