Find Your Chill at the Everett Farmers Market

Whidbey1Is it summer yet? The last few weekends at the Everett Farmer’s Market certainly felt that way and if the weatherperson is correct, we might be seeing 80 degree weather this Sunday. In case you were wondering, this is not a complaint. This is our way of nudging you in the direction of some of our delicious drink and frozen treat vendors, who have all the best solutions for a hot afternoon at the Marina.

Ice-cream bars from Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company: Chocolate-covered everything? Yes please! We know what you’re thinking: How do the fit all these flavors in that tiny cart? That’s the magic of ice-cream. We suggest you walk on by, pick your favourite (the salted caramel bar is a winner!) and let them do the rest. 10 seconds later and you’ll be walking away, ice-cream in hand, wondering how it got 15 degrees cooler.

ParadICE1Flavors: Strawberry, Root Beer Float, Black Cherry, Triple Berry, Mocha Mousse, Coconut and lots more.
Price: $3 each

Hawaiian shave ice from Hawaiian Paradice: Shave ice (the way the locals in Hawaii call it) is the near perfect sweet treat for a sunny day and at the Everett Farmers Market, these guys come prepared. They have a team churning out cup after cup of ice and coloring them with delicious flavored syrups. The brighter your shave ice, the happier you’ll be. Take it from all the smiles we saw walking away from that booth.

Flavors: POG (Passion fruit, Orange, Guava), Pina Colada, Mango, Bubble Gum, Raspberry and more
Price: $6 for a large cup

ShenZen1Iced tea soda at Shen Zen Tea: Summer time is for iced tea and this vendor kicks it up a notch by adding those fizzy bubbles, effectively turning it to a perfect, healthy cooling beverage. The flavors are masterfully blended and they have caffeine-free options as well. The teas are not to sweet, allowing for the flavors to shine through.

Flavors: African Ginger Ale, Hibiscus Temple, Vanilla Mint Cola and more.  Price: $3 for 16oz (small), $4 for 20oz (medium) and $5 for 24oz (large)

There are also plenty of other treats at the farmers market so come on down to the Everett Marina on Sunday all summer long and say hello to our vendors.

Edlyn G D’Souza is a writer and the more she says that, the truer it becomes. She has her roots in Goa and Mumbai in India, where she worked as a journalist for 5 years. She now lives in Washington where she writes in her blog, draws cat stuff, never tires of seeing Mt Rainier and dreams about changing the world through her stories.