Spice up Your Summertime with Grandma Edna’s Blends

GrandmaEdna2Debbie has a lot to love about her grandma. The inspiration behind Grandma Edna’s spice blends, Debbie’s grandmother loved to cook. “She loved people, she loved cooking and she loved recipes. So she’s kind of the heart of the company,” says Debbie, who has turned her passion into packaging her own spice blends that are sold right here at the Everett Farmer’s Market.

With catchy names like “Gotta Have It”, “Dang That’s Good” and “To Die For”, her spice blends don’t mess around. They are flavorful and just a sample is enough to make you take your favourite blend home. So where does she get her inspiration from. From the food her family ate, of course.

GrandmaEdna3“The first basic recipe (used in her spice blend) was from my family and that was Mexican and Italian. Those were just 2 types of dishes we would commonly make when we cooked. Growing up around here in my generation everybody always made tacos and spaghetti. So those were just 2 staples blends that most people have in their cabinets,” says Debbie. She also looked at recipe books to learn about spice characteristics and how they were used. “Basically I was just mixing some together and experimenting. We’d have taste test parties and I’d make four batches of the same blend and try it on 4 different meats. Everybody had papers where they had to mark what they liked and didn’t like. It was fun. We had a blast,” says Debbie.

Grandma Edna’s spice blends are gluten-free and they contain no corn, soy, dairy, maltodextrin, MSG, sugar or starch. In short – they are all about natural flavour. Debbie has worked on her blends to ensure that they can be enjoyed no matter how low your tolerance for spice is. “When I began. I did have some hot blends but I sort of made a decision that I was going to focus on flavor. There are so make people who have trouble with spice so I wanted it to stay mild,” she says.

There are a lot of spice blends for all your summer time grilling needs. You can use them as rubs, dips and even salad seasonings. Her products are blended by a small Northwest company that is non-GMO certified and gluten-free. Debbie comes up with all the names for her products and is proud of it. “It’s kind of fun. That’s the fun part of it – the creative side; waking up in the middle of the night,” she says. Grandma Edna would be proud.

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Edlyn G D’Souza is a writer and the more she says that, the truer it becomes. She has her roots in Goa and Mumbai in India, where she worked as a journalist for 5 years. She now lives in Washington where she writes in her blog egeedee.com, draws cat stuff, never tires of seeing Mt Rainier and dreams about changing the world through her stories.