The Midnight Farmer Sells Microgreens

microgreens logl resizedMidnight Farmer is a small farm specializing in microgreens. They have been growing microgreens for many years and are in their third year of growing professionally.

The Midnight Farmer grows in organic soil in the protected environment of our greenhouse. They never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers and only use organic/non GMO seed sourced from reputed companies with high standards.

In the summer time you can find them at the Anacortes and Everett farmers markets, May-October where they have a large variety of microgreens sold by the ounce.

They also offer weekly delivery year round every Thursday of our 10 inch by 10 inch or 10 inch by 20 inch flats of “LIVE” microgreens. You can harvest them as you use them and always have them fresh which is when they taste and look best. Harvesting is easy with a quick snip of the scissors at the base of the stem leaving behind only the roots.

Microgreens can be stored in an out of the way spot and don’t require anything but a bit of water now and then. These little greens pack strong flavors, high nutrition, and stunning colors!

Contact them at (360) 941-3097 or Email at