“The Most Creative Artists and Craft Vendors” Can Be Found at the Everett Farmers Market

If you haven’t taken the time to visit the artist and craft vendor  that have booths at the Everett Farmers Market
,  this Sunday is the day to take some time to visit and find out more about who these talented Artists are.

Are you an avid collector, or simply appreciate quality, beauty, and craftsmanship, this is your chance to come meet the people who create locally and to hear their stories of their inspiration.

Our Artist and Crafts vendors include: clothing & accessories, jewelry, potter & ceramics, body products, photography, woodworking, home furnishing, pet products, and plant items just to name a few.

click here to see full list of Vendors.

Not all artist and craft vendors attend ever market, so if you are looking for someone special please stop by the Market Managers Canopy for their information.