Bella Luna Mosaics

Bella Luna Mosaics & Garden Art

I’m Candace and I make and sell functional Mosaics.  I have been involved in Art my entire life!  My Grandmother was what I would call a “Primitive Artist” and I learned to draw and paint at her knee… I have been a Painter most of my life and dabbled in other Art forms as well.

I fell in love with Mosaics after my sister broke several pieces of our grandmothers china. I made my first Mosaic frame from those broken pieces and I have never looked back!  ;-)  I create lots of different types of pieces… frames, mirrors, clocks, furniture, cake plates, plaques, peace signs and jewelry to just name a few!  I also create Garden Art!  bird baths, bird houses, bird feeders, cup and saucer bird feeders, wind chimes, flower pots and much more!

I also do Special Orders!  Many customers have brought me broken dishes and I have used the broken pieces to make them something special… ;-) And some really great news… I now have my own Studio and will be giving Beginners Classes to the public… Stay tuned for more information!!!

Have a custom idea, just email me at or feel free to call 360-348-9041. Find  me on facebook at