LiviJoy Hoops

LiviJoy Hoops

Olivia of “LiviJoyHoops” has been selling hoops at the market since 2014, selling quality handmade hoops for Adults and kids and giving demonstrations and starter tips.

Why hula hoops? Hooping is not just fun for kids, it’s a sensation that has gained popularity over the last 20 years, and it has taken off in a different direction from traditional hula hooping of the 60’s. Adult hoops are larger and heavier, perfect for incorporating fun cardio into your fitness routine as a low-impact activity.

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For the more expressive hoopers, hoopdance allows for movement therapy and flow. Even the technical side of hooping helps keep the brain sharp with connecting to our body’s ability to learn and develop more advanced tricks. Hooping is healthy for the heart and soul, it is an activity the whole family can enjoy!

Handmade hoops are each fully assembled by Olivia–each to specific sizes and uses (yes, there are many different sizes!), then they are decorated by hand. If you have tried one out at the market you probably noticed how much easier they are than toy store hoops! That’s because they are actually built for success AND durability. They are built to last!

LiviJoyHoops is based out of south Marysville and is available for local curbside pickup, or hoops can be shipped to your door. If you visit the shop you are even welcome for a little starter hoop lesson!

Find LiviJoyHoops on Facebook and Instagram, Google, or at Direct link for ordering: