Owens Garden – Air Plant Nursery

Rick and Barb Owens with Riz

Rick Owen offers air plants individually, ready to put in your own containers. Prices vary depending on size and type of plant.

Air Plants (Tillandias) are made up of spidery green to gray rosettes of foliage that can be fine and grassy, spidery and twisted or thick and fleshy like a succulent. Blossoms emerge in flattened bracts that range in color from pale pink or lavender to orange or sizzling hot pink, sometimes with contrasting blue and violet flowers at the tips.

Air plants come by their name because they do not root themselves in soil. Instead, they attach themselves to rocks, trees and sometimes, in urban areas, buildings and phone lines. From these positions, they draw the moisture and nutrients they need from rain, runoff and ambient humidity using tiny hairs growing on their leaves.

Air plants are tropical and subtropical “epiphytes” and most come from Central and South America. If you’ve been to the Southern US, you’ve probably seen another type of air plant, Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) trailing from the branches of evergreen oak trees. Air plants’ roots exist solely to anchor them to rocks and trees.

Owens Garden doesn’t have an online store but they do sell directly at the Everett Farmers Market, garden shows and plant sales. Call them at 360-794-6422 for more information Owensgardensairplants@yahoo.com