PupCakes Healthy Gourmet Snacks

PupCakes are Healthy Gourmet Snacks for Dogs available in three flavors and two formulas, whole wheat and grain-free. 

On the MENU is Wild with lamb, sweet potato, and green pea; Bacon made with freeze-dried bacon and egg; and, Peanut Butter using freeze-dried peanut powder. 

PupCakes does not add any salt, sugar, chemical preservatives, fillers, or byproducts.  Fresh-baked PupCakes are sold by the dozen ($9 or 2/$16) with our variety Doggie Bag being the most popular choice. 

Make up a batch or even a doggie cake using our original PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mix in all three flavors, original whole wheat or grain-free formula.  When you need a full-size or mini cake for your dog’s next Barkday paw-ty, Adoptiversary, or other celebration.

Contact PupCakes by phone, email, through our website or Facebook.  Always FREE delivery in Snohomish County with any order over $35! Find us at www.PupCakesMuffins.com – email PupCakesMuffins@aol.com 360.691.5964 and on facebook PupCakes-LLC