Susan Rothschild Artist

I grew up in the fields and woods of England. Nature has always been close to my heart. I have always worked in a creative field (So to Speak), which has had many challenges but great rewards.

In my Life I have been a Model, a Photographer , an Artist, a Graphic Designer and a Knitter. also a cat wrangler.! Sometimes it feels like , I did these all at once. I highly recommend pursuing your Dreams. It’s the only way to feel truly satisfied and fulfilled. I hope you enjoy my Art.

I specialize in Wall Art, Glass Cutting Boards and 5×7 Greeting Cards

Cards can be seen at my website Find and order cutting boards at Please call if you would like something special 425.418.1469 or email

Here is a link to Susan Rothschild Yacht Club Show a short video she made using her Iphone, before the Covid 19 shutdown. An idea of how art looks in real life.