The Old White House

Ten years ago, I decided to give making my own laundry soap a try.  As a mom of 5 we did a lot of laundry at the time… a LOT of laundry! I found recipes floating around the internet, and gave a few a try.  I didn’t find one that I thought did the job that I wanted it to, so I went back to the drawing board, and came up with a product that not only cleaned our laundry, but also made it naturally soft, and smell amazing.  Shortly after, I passed it out to friends, and family and asked for an honest opinion… everyone loved it, and the rest as they say is history. 

I started taking it to our local farmers market, and sold the laundry soap by the scoop. I soon added a few more additions to our line of lavender goodness, including the lavender dryer sachets, and lavender linen & room spray, and we started attending more farmers markets and art fairs.  For over 4 years we attended the Detroit Eastern Market almost every Saturday throughout the year, and are approved vendors at the Country Living Fairs, as well as other farmers markets and art shows.  Recently we moved to the PNW, making a new home for our family in the state of Washington, and are now the newest vendors at the world renown Pike Place Market, and Seattle Farmers Markets. 

Our lavender cleaning products include the following… soft, non-sudsing lavender laundry soap, organic lavender dryer sachets, lavender linen & room spray, lavender kitchen & bath cleanser, lavender carpet freshener, and No.2 bathroom spray.  We also offer our newest self care additions – lavender & flaxseed eye pillows and comfort wraps, and natural hand sanitizer.Our natural earth friendly and vegan lavender home and self care products are made with great care by my family and I.  We make sure to use only earth friendly ingredients, pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, Washington grown lavender buds, natural cotton for the sachets, glass jars and bottles made in the USA, all packaged with a love of the earth and great pride in our products.

 “good for you, good for this little planet we call home” 

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