TurtleWorks Jewelry

My jewelry is the product of years of training and experimenting within my creative journey.  I love to show off Mother Nature’s  creations in the best possible light.  I use a process known as fabrication and work primarily in sterling silver. 

My favorite material comes from the Queen Conch shell.  I travel to Belize, Central America where the conch is harvested for food.  The harvest is controlled by the government therefore it is not endangered as it is in some other countries.  The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species organization shows Belize in good standing!  I also work with Oregon Sunstone from the Dust Devil Mine and other materials that catch my eye.   

I hope you enjoy looking at my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it! I’m happy to show you more of my work contact me at jandanfox@prodigy.net. Like me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/turtleworksjewelry or visit the website http://www.turtleworksjewelry.com.